© 2016 by Shulamit Ron

Artist Statement:


My work is rooted in the tradition of Western quiltmaking for the techniques and workmanship I value, but my inspiration comes from the Bible, Israel's archeological sites, the arts and colors of Middle East and Asia.  


I have two distinct work processes. In the improvisational process, my quilts start with a phrase, a vague idea of a color, an image in my mind and I start working on blocks, often irregularly sized. At other times, however, I am guided by a specific image, such as an ancient mosaic or an inspiring art piece. In this process, I start with a full sized outline or pattern. 


I find following a pattern difficult, so in both the improvisational and planned processes, the work is moved to the  design wall, where it starts taking shape, talking to me and making demands of its own. Fabrics come out and are joyfully added to the work in progress or rejected and put aside. Sometimes these demands send me to my dyeing buckets to dye some specific shade I don’t have at the moment.


There are times I feel stuck and leave the project to “marinate”, and then come back to it later. Then one day it is suddenly finished and the umbilical cord is cut. I look at the finished quilt and suddenly realize that it does not belong to me any longer.

In the last years I have started investigating new directions: natural dyeing and eco-printing with natural plants, and making whole-cloth quilts of digitally printed fabric, based on my water color paintings.



I was born in Kishinev, former USSR and made Aliya to Israel in 1972. I'm a graduate of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. My education served me as a quilter but was not really put into practice otherwise. 


I started quilting in 1984 after accidentally discovering two quilting books in a bookstore.


I have served on the board of the Israel Quilters’ Association in 2000 and as a chairperson in 2001.