© 2016 by Shulamit Ron

Ark Curtain

Paths of Peace

This unusual ark curtain is based on various Judaic artistic traditions. The source of the original design concept is the traditional Jewish paper-cut art (scherenschnitte).


It includes the palm tree that often symbolizes the tree of life in Kaballah, and appears in the prayers: “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree (Psalms 92, verse 12); a crown, which frequently appears on ark curtains and torah mantles; the pomegranates representing abundance, fertility and the 613 mitzvot; and other references. 


The ark curtain is made of hand dyed fabrics, and is richly embellished with  hand embroidery and beading, including gold-lined beads.


Made for the Conservative Pardes Congregation in Pardesiya, in memory of my deceased parents-in-law.




90x175 cm