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King's Solomon Magic Carpet

Legend has it that Queen of Sheba gifted King Solomon with a magical flying carpet. I took liberty with this legend, and combining it with the fact that King Solomon had a thousand wives of various religions, decided to create an Arabian Nights version combining Jewish and Islamic motifs.  


This jewel-like piece positively glows. The colors are rich and vibrant. The high level of detail and embellishment provides new surprises every time it is viewed. 


The "carpet" layout is reminiscent of Muslim prayer rugs (Mihrab) and includes the images of the Tree of Life, a bird, pomegranates and boteh (paisley).


Techniques include Broderie Perse, machine quilting, hand embroidery and beading. The use of many prints and shades of a color instead of a single fabric is typical to my work; this lends the piece depth and richness. A good example of it are the boteh (paisley) motifs in the border - the boteh shapes utilize various gold and ochre color fabrics, while their backgrounds include a variety of reds, both hand-dyes and commercial prints.


King Solomon's Magic Carpet has won an Honorary mention in the OEQC quilt show in 2010.

It is also featured on the back cover of "The Art Quilt Collection" by Sixth & Spring books.




102x136 cm